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Things happen for a reason (so the story goes). 


There is always a reason or lesson behind our experiences. 


Some situations are extremely unpleasant but on the other side of the coin, some situations are very pleasant, and we feel fortunate.  Perhaps it is wise not to categorize any of these situations.  Perhaps we simply need to pay attention to the lessons we are learning from any given situation.


Life is full of opportunities and advancement in many different forms.  Pay attention to what life is showing you and utilize the energy.
Second Change

Sometimes, we make mistakes, and we are given a second chance to learn, correct or adjust and live a better experience because of it. Sometimes, life changes and there are no second chances, but likely change was what was needed and the path forward is far more beneficial than before the lesson was presented.  


When life goes smoothly and a fortunate situation comes our way, reflect and recognize this as an opportunity for learning or advancement or to just relax and take life in. 


We always have choices. With life lessons, we have the choice to let the situation or opportunity slide by and do nothing with the energy or we can make changes or adjustments and move forward doing things differently due to the lesson learned.


Life is full of opportunities and advancement in many different forms.  Pay attention to what life is showing you. Use all energies to the best of your abilities.  Sometimes it is beyond our reach to do what we wish we could do so we need to accept what unfolds and see the opportunities that come from the experience.  Either way, there are second chances available most often in life. Unfortunately, some of us fail to recognize them as such. 


Live in the moment, pay close attention to what is and recognize what is right in front of you.



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