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We hope everyone had some time off over the holidays. We wish that the spirit of the season be carried forward each and every day!

This post focuses on the Transits (forecasting) for individuals with their Sun in Capricorn for 2023/2024. For details on the Sun in Capricorn visit our blog post

Sun in the sign of Capricorn will experience transiting Uranus in trine and Neptune sextile to their Sun. This can be a gateway to learning about your own capabilities through the channeling of these two giants in Astrology.
Sun in Capricorn Transits

In this post we will be discussing those who have their Sun in the sign of Capricorn and have transiting Uranus in trine and Neptune sextile to their Sun.  Neptune is in the later degrees of Pisces (25° at this time), while Uranus goes direct on January 26, 2024, at 19°.  Both planets will be in direct motion into the later stages of January 2024 although Neptune is direct when we discuss these interchanges taking hold.


Both the trine and the sextile aspects are considered positive in nature.  Both planets relate to insight and clarity while in direct motion.  Neptune can be a little foggy at times depending on its connectedness with the rest of the chart but is usually considered insightful under all conditions due to its connection with the psychic realm.


Uranus in trine to the Sun (19° and moving forward) suggests that the timing is ripe for change and new beginnings when connected to who you are and the path ahead.  This can include your objectives and in some cases what you wish to change on a personal level.  Who you are and the way you react to life may take shape now, and you can be ready for the unexpected in positive terms under these influences.  You may wish to change jobs or the path you are on in a completely new direction.  This new direction may be one that was not considered just a short while ago, although in the recent past you may have had inclinations that things needed to change. You may have felt that life was becoming stagnant, and a change was necessary.  This may come as a surprise to others and this move is normally not like you, as you like the tried and tested and wish for things not to change.


Uranus is known as the awakener and makes you aware of a change requirement so that you can move in the appropriate direction.  Neptune on the other hand, which is in the late degrees of Pisces, will form a tight bond with Transiting Uranus towards the end of the summer and into the fall of 2024.  Neptune will move into its retrograde cycle at 29° Pisces on or about October 24, 2024, and form a tight sextile with transiting Uranus. They will both make aspects to anyone with their Sun in the later degrees of Capricorn at this time. 


While Neptune is in its retrograde cycle, if you are planning on making important changes to your life and paths direction, things may be a little unclear under this energy.  You should, if at all possible, make significant changes before this time to get the most out of what you have in place.


Neptune can open doors to discovery and the psychic side, and intuitive understanding may be primed before Neptune goes retrograde.  Look for insight into the psychic realm if this is your inclination and be ready for prophetic dreams under this influence. 


Uranus can open doors and Neptune can provide the needed insight to comprehend what is taking hold in life.  This can be a gateway to learning about your own capabilities through the channeling of these two giants in Astrology.


Take advantage of the energies available to you this upcoming cycle.  Happy solar return Capricorn.



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