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The North Node speaks of the path ahead while the South Node speaks of the past. Transiting nodes square natal nodes indicates an obstruction moving forward likely brought up from the past.
Node Square Node

The aspect of Transiting Nodes square the Natal nodes in Astrology creates a Grand Square.  The energies of this formation are not pleasant and can create great strife because a Grand Square is actually four Square aspects all in force at the same time.  These aspects will last approximately four months.  It begins as the Transiting Nodes are approaching the Square at about 3-4° and lasts until they are approximately 2-3° past the exact point.


Squares indicate conflict, discord, and suggest that there are hurdles to overcome.  Time seems to move at a much slower pace because of these challenging aspects, and there is certainly a wish that the energies would subside. There are often delays in plans, obstructions and challenges that stand in the way of progress. Much will depend on the areas of life involved, dictated by the natal and transiting positions of the Nodes in the individual’s chart.


If there are other indicators in the chart suggesting something similar, then this can be one of the most challenging times that those involved will experience in life. The path ahead seems obstructed and often this is due to something from the past. The experiences of the past or involvement on some level of the past stands in the way of moving ahead. The North Node speaks of the path ahead while the South Node speaks of the past.


The Grand Square that is created which will be in either Cardinal, fixed or mutable will determine what kinds of energies are released and determine what action that can be taken.


Cardinal modality suggests that action and a push to alleviate these conditions are part of the process.  Fixed modality suggests that there needs to be compromise and a letting go of the fixated determination about what is taking place. The Mutable Square suggests that you might have to go along with the energies in place or on the other hand not to depend on outside influences to determine your course of action.


The Grand Square will present obstacles to overcome coming from many different directions all at once; and although this is most certainly a challenging position, the energies of the Square will push you to do what you can to find a resolution to the issues at hand. Square aspects are so irritating that they force us into action, and if we do not push forward with all our might, it is like dropping our gloves and giving up, which is certainly not advised.


The whole chart must be reviewed in order to determine how this might be affecting those involved and the natal aspects involving the Nodes will also play a big part in how these energies unfold.  Easy aspects involving the nodes suggest opportunities are at hand while challenging aspects suggest a rather difficult road ahead. These, however, are valuable life lessons and your course of action and what has taken hold over time will provide you with vital information that can be used to formulate a plan of action or be used at any time in the future when needed.


Life is not always an easy road but, in many ways, we need to open our hearts and minds to the lessons that are being taught particularly with the grand square created by transiting node square our natal node.  We gain strength and momentum in these times and learn what is needed to advance in life from a more informed and different perspective.



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