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Did you make a mistake?

We have to learn to admit our shortcomings.  It may not be easy to acknowledge that we did something wrong as our ego often gets in the way, but if we are honest with ourselves and we don’t allow ego to get in the way, it is necessary to admit we are human. We can and do make mistakes.  There is not much wrong with honest mistakes, but it becomes more concerning when we do not care to take responsibility.


Don’t let ego stop you from being you! Take a deep breath, own your mistake, apologize and move forward.
Did You Make a Mistake

Perhaps someone was hurt because of what we did or didn’t do. Perhaps by defending our mistake or not acknowledging that we made one, the hurt felt by others can go even deeper.  Perhaps it goes beyond the individual we upset or offended and reaches out into the community and we get a reputation for doing what would not own up to doing. 


A mistake can affect more than our emotions. It might reflect in our public image that we may have worked so hard to develop and now others may look at us from a different perspective. 


It is not always easy to admit to a mistake, but it is necessary not only because of the potential fallout but because it is what needs to be done for you and your peace of mind.


If we review what took place and are honest with ourselves, we know instinctively what needs to be done.  There is no bad intent with a mistake.  We just weren’t thinking. Perhaps it was due to lack of knowledge, an automatic reaction, etc. 


Sometimes we are justified by what we have done (but in this case, it is not an error but a lack of good judgement).


In most cases, a mistake is not as big as we may think and did not have the impact that you thought it might have had. Yet, in other cases, the consequences of our mistake run deep. Without admitting our mistakes and apologizing for them, we can create even more pain for those involved.


Don’t let ego stop you from being you! Take a deep breath, own your mistake, apologize and move forward. 



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