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You know that everything in life is temporary so if you happen to be going through a challenging phase, know that this too will pass. 


If you are experiencing a wonderful period, enjoy it as everything is temporary.  This is not to say that the good times will pass, only that what is perfect in the moment is just that, perfect in the moment.


If you are going through a tough time, learn from the experience.  It has been put in front of you so you can master it and perhaps use the experience and its lessons at a later date.  Perhaps your difficulty will help another individual one day, as now you have experience to share. 


If life seems to be filled with difficulties perhaps your focus needs to change.  Perhaps your focus has been solely on the hard lessons in life, and you know that focus brings more of what you are concentrating on.  Change that focus.  Instead of paying attention to what is challenging in life, look too at what in life is good and fulfilling.  Even in the most difficult of times, there IS a knowledge that adds benefit from our experience.  You might have to look a little deeper and believe that you will find something, particularly when we are in the middle of the lesson.  Attitude is everything!


The more you realign to being open to learning and enjoying (and choose to be happy) the more there is to be thankful for.  You will still encounter difficulties, but you will also begin to see something more positive happening in your life. 


You are not your mind. You are the one listening to the thoughts.  You can choose which ones you want to adhere to and the ones you allow to pass by.


The challenges in life encourage you to learn, grow, gain strength and confidence.  In fighting the lesson at hand, you create stress and dis-ease.
Go with the flow.

The challenging situations in life encourage you to learn and grow. In learning from these situations, you gain strength and inner confidence builds.  In challenging these situations and fighting the lesson at hand, you create stress and dis-ease.


You are your own master, your own creator.  Make your life into what you wish it could be.  You wouldn’t have any idea of what that looks like unless it was already within your grasp.  Reach out and grasp what is available and go with the flow. Live your life with focus, positivity, confidence that you are always moving in the right direction. 



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