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Listening to the world news, you can’t help but feel pain and sadness.  Experience the concerns and worry (just for a moment) and acknowledge the plight of others.  Innocent people are dying because of war.  People are being forced to leave their homes due to safety concerns.  Parents are losing their children and children are losing their parents.

Experience the concerns and worry (just for a moment) of others & acknowledge their plights. Now review your life. Perspective is everything.  Let’s make ours one of gratitude.

Now spend some time reflecting on your own life. Where do your reflections take you?


There may be some issues that surface during our reflections, but it is not all bad. Yes, the cost of living has increased immensely, including housing, mortgages, rent, food, etc. but the important thing to focus on is we are managing, maybe managing on less, but we are managing.


We can still feed our children, and most are able to pay the rent. We don’t worry about our home being bombed or having to leave where we live to be safe. 


We hear many complaining about the number of refugees entering our country, but so many come from war torn countries. Normally, if they can get jobs, they take the jobs that many of us would not consider taking.


We have always had to work for what we have, but we live without fear and in most cases, we have a roof over our heads. 


Let’s acknowledge and appreciate what we do have in life and not what we feel is missing.  In many ways, compared to several countries, we live a life of luxury. 


We are not suggesting that you give up on your goals. What we are suggesting is that you be thankful for what is available to you and the opportunities you have in your life.


Perspective is everything.  Let’s make ours one of gratitude.



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