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The Sun moves from the Mutable, Air sign of Gemini into the Cardinal, Water sign of Cancer on June 20, 2024.  This is a huge transitional position when you think of the personalities involved.  Gemini is inquisitive and thinking and very much into communication, while Cancer is emotional, sensitive and very much into feeling.  The senses are open and operating at full capacity when we speak of the sign Cancer.


Those individuals that are born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini will share some of each sign’s character traits; while the deeper we go into the sign of Cancer, the more the qualities of Cancer become apparent. 


The Sun has an orb of influence of 16°.  There will be individuals that have other indicators within the framework of their chart that puts emphasis on different signs and the Cancer traits may not shine through (as with any sign).  Much depends on the overall picture of the natal or birth chart. 


An example, someone who has their Sun in the very early degrees of Cancer (therefore having some Gemini traits) may also have Mercury and Venus in Gemini and the rising sign of Gemini. All of these planets in Gemini emphasize the Geminian traits but being in the first house (with Gemini rising) ignites Aries tendencies as well because the first house is naturally ruled by Aries.


Those with their Sun in Cancer, the rising sign of Cancer or an emphasis of the fourth house will share some of these traits that we are about to discuss.  The Sun sign is always tied to who we are on an internal level, the rising sign is the way we represent ourselves especially when we first meet people, and the fourth house will have some traits similar to Cancer’s and much will depend on the planets found in this house as to how these energies and traits play out.


Cancer is a sensitive sign, emotionally driven and has strong nurturing tendencies.  Family and the family of friends are important factors in their lives.  Cancer individuals would likely consider themselves homebodies and their home environment needs to be peaceful and comfortable as this is where they can recharge their emotional batteries.  They are often quite affected by their surrounding and some take on the energies of others, so they need a place where they can unleash and rewind.


Cancerians can be action oriented and restless under the right conditions but also prefer to sit in comfort and watch TV or settle into gentle conversation with those that matter.  Their children and often their parents play an important part in their lives. Being a mothering type, Cancerians would like to help where they can.  They feel deeply and have a hard time keeping emotion inside although their symbol, the crab, can put up defense by going within the protective shell.  They are more sensitive than they would like to admit.  Some see their emotions as a vulnerability and do their best to show strength by hiding their emotions somewhat, but this can also be quite difficult.  Emotion is a virtue not a vice.  As much as they need to nurture, they also need nurturing themselves.


Heritage and the past are important to a typical Cancerian and their memory is usually quite factual as they remember more than most.  They are also very much into cooking, at least most of them, and they can be quite the master chef.  Some are also into antiques and have a close tie with the past. 


When emotionally hurt, Cancerians don’t forget.  Hurt runs deep and although they try to hide it, they hold on for far too long.  It is not that they can’t forgive but emotional hurt takes a long time to heal.


Many Cancerians are kind, gentle individuals that will do almost anything for you.  They are a friend that you can rely on, but stand on the wrong side of their temperament and you may not remain a friend for too long.  As they mature into themselves, they often learn to curb their emotion or at least try to accomplish this.


Cancer individuals should recognize that their emotional response is a strength and not a hinderance.


Happy solar return to our Sun in Cancer readers!


This is our general post for Sun in Cancer 2024. Watch for our post focusing on the 2024 forecast for Sun in Cancer individuals next week.



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