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Have you been experiencing a feeling of being pulled away from what used to be? 


You may be being asked to step forward or are being propelled forward.  The time is ripe for advancement and accomplishment on some level.


What are you now willing to do to advance, whatever advancement may look like for you? 


Do not allow setbacks to stand in your way. You can persevere and should never give up because of any challenge, big or small.


It may have been a while since you felt any type of momentum. You may be concerned that the time is not quite ripe.  Are you willing to take that chance and move forward anyway? 


Will that next step be advantageous, or will it hinder in some way? 


We all need to take the time to consider the consequences of our actions but at the same time, we cannot let fear rule. 

Do not get caught up in the mind’s interference past or present.  Some have been a slave to their thoughts for most of their lives. You are not your thoughts; you are the listener!
Slave to Our Thoughts

Are you a slave to your thoughts?

Remember, you are not your thoughts; you are the one listening to them.  You choose which ones to adhere to and which ones to let go of.


Believing in yourself is imperative. Do not get caught up in the mind’s interference past or present.  Some have been a slave to their thoughts for most of their lives. Now, however, is a great time to recognize that there will always be chatter in our minds but it is a choice whether to listen or not to listen. Take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. Step beyond your fear!


Take advantage of the energies in place in your life right now.  You are always ready for a breakthrough if you allow it to happen. 


Here’s to conquering your focus, your fears and any life lesson you may be present with.


You can do it!


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This is an awesome reminder to listen to my heart over my head. Every. Dang. Time! Love your vibe, Peter.🙏🌟

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