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Here is our Cancer mini forecast for 2024. Read our post for Sun in Cancer here.


We will have a look at the Sun in the sign of Cancer and the effects that Neptune and Saturn might have on those affected by these placements during 2024.  Saturn and Neptune carry very different energies.  Saturn has to do with focus on reality & is practical, responsible & buildings structure.  Neptune has to do with the spiritual realm, artistic abilities & those things that are deemed supernatural.
Cancer Mini Forecast for 2024

We will have a look at the Sun in the sign of Cancer and the effects that Neptune and Saturn might have on those affected by these placements.  Allowing an orb of up to 7° (and there will be individuals feeling the effects of this energy before this orb), we see that Transiting Saturn will move into retrograde on the June 28 and Transiting Neptune, already in its retrograde cycle, will move back into the sign of Capricorn early in September, 2024.


Transiting Saturn will be moving from 19° down to 12° in Pisces and stay within this range until early 2025.  Neptune is in the final degrees of Pisces moving into Aries at the end of March 2025.  By reviewing these degrees, you can see if your Sun will make a trine to these planets.


Saturn and Neptune carry very different energies.  Saturn has to do with focus on reality, with our feet firmly planted on the ground. It is practical and has to do with responsibility and the building of structure. 


Neptune, on the other hand, has to do with the spiritual realm, artistic abilities and those things that are deemed supernatural.  It also has to do with the escape of reality, illusions and vagueness.


The trine of Cancer Sun with Neptune can create a magical energy of spiritualization and the door opening to the psychic realm.  The creative potential can also be heightened, and Sun in Cancer may be able to visualize possibilities that to others may seem rather illusive.  Sun in Cancer’s goals may be tied to understanding what it is to be attuned to other dimensions of reality and the unseen.  It will be up to Cancerian to follow a train of thought that promotes such activity. 


On the other hand, Neptune and the Sun can make Sun in Cancer’s vision of the future and its life’s plans rather misleading or unrealized.  They might have trouble finding their way forward in life and may not be sure which road to take. Cancerians may be concerned that mistakes will be made along the way. 


Saturn, while in its retrograde cycle, works much more favorably than it does when direct.  This may be a time of stabilization and concrete results based on what Sun in Cancer individuals have in mind and where they want to go.  Their goals, although challenged, may be workable and they can reach higher than expected.  Cancerians may experience a stabilization period where they are in touch with what they want for themselves and achieve what they set out to achieve. 


With Saturn, this period can produce rewards for hard work and disciplined efforts, although Cancerians may find that they have more responsibility than they might want. This may result due to the Cancerian’s superiors being attuned to what the Cancerian has been putting in place over the long haul. 


Much will depend on how these planets are aspected in the natal chart alone with the aspects they make to the Cancer Sun. In general, the trine is a positive aspect and will promote easy flow and favourable conditions as time passes.


Happy solar return to our Sun in Cancer readers.  Utilize the energies available.



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