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The Full Moon on December 26, 2023, is in the sign of Cancer at 4°. Anyone with a planet or angle conjunct, in opposition or square to this December 2023 Cancer Full Moon will be noticeably influenced by the energies of this placement. 


This Full Moon is the culmination phase or final stages of what began some six months earlier when the New Moon was in Cancer.  The Full Moon phase is a time of reaping the rewards for our hard work and diligent efforts, or it is a time of letting go of unfinished business or of issues that are no longer suitable for you.  This can involve a relationship of significance, or it can evolve around your home when the moon is in Cancer.

The Full Moon is a time to reap the rewards for our hard work or it is a time of letting go of unfinished business.
Full Moon in Cancer

This is an emotionally delicate time and those that are more “feeling” individuals can be quite sensitive to what is taking place.  This does not imply that this is a challenging time, although it can be for some again due to “feeling” things rather than those that rely on their intellect in life. 


If this Full Moon influences your chart, your senses are heightened, and you can become attached or influenced deeply with what is unfolding.  Perhaps decision making is now part of the focus, and this may involve a family member. This would be particularly so if perhaps Mercury is part of the picture, or the third house is involved.  Much will depend on the houses involved in your chart as this will be the area of life being influenced.


The energies from other transiting planets may reinforce this energy in positive ways, but once again, you must look at your personal chart to get a clear picture.  This positive influence is in force because Jupiter is making a sextile to the Cancer Full Moon’s placement.  Sextiles represent opportunities and although something may fall into your lap, you will still need to take action, or this opportunity could slip through your fingers.


The Moon and Saturn during their transiting time are also making a Trine offering stability in what you are attempting to move towards or what you have put in place.  If, for example, things do not look overly favorable or the outcome does not look promising, perhaps you will have to pick up the pieces and start over again as a new path presents itself to you.  Saturn can indicate hard work and some obstacles to overcome but the trine aspect offers stability and structure over time if you put in the work required.  Saturn always pays dividends when we do what needs to be done.


Look at your chart to find what potential lies ahead and remember no matter how things might look, opportunities are always in place to provide valuable experiences that will assist you in your life over time.



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