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For those with their Sun in the sign of Taurus, this next few months should be eventful.


What are the Sun in Taurus 2024 transits? Transiting Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are either already in the sign of Taurus or will soon be going into the sign of Taurus.
Sun in Taurus Transits

What are the Sun in Taurus 2024 transits?


Transiting Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are either already in the sign of Taurus or will soon be going into the sign of Taurus. 


Uranus and Jupiter are tied together in tight proximity throughout April 2024.  They form a conjunction at 21° so those with their Sun in Taurus and in close conjunction to this degree will experience Jupiter and Uranus forming a tight aspect in the natal chart.  Check the house position to get a clearer understanding of the area of life involved.


Uranus speaks of change and often disruption, although the change it suggests are what is required as things no longer suit your evolutionary purpose.  This change can come when you least expect it, out of the blue and may disrupt the normal flow of life.  You may have had a few hints along the way suggesting that you needed to make certain changes and if you decided not to listen to the nudge then perhaps the energies of Uranus become more profound and are often uncomfortable. 


Jupiter, on the other hand, adds to what is taking place but often suggests that what is unfolding is quite positive even if it does not look that way.  Jupiter brings good luck and fortunate conditions, but don’t forget its energies are mixed with Uranus which calls for change at almost any cost.  Uranus is known as the awakener and does just that.  It awakens you to the obvious and challenges you to move forward in unexpected ways.  Jupiter will enhance this situation and quite likely make it bigger than life.  The indicators are that it will be a change for the better but not without some drastic changes at the same time which may be uncomfortable.  Jupiter expands what it touches.


Venus moves into Taurus at the end of April and takes approximately 3 weeks to go through the whole sign.  Its impact will be less impressive but love and affection may be part of what it brings with it. It may also bring more social experiences which may involve a young female in one manner or another.  If, for example, the energies are in the fifth house, your children might be involved, or a love affair takes off.  Venus will join in on the energies of Jupiter and Uranus from about April 17 through to about April 27.


Mercury moves into Taurus in the middle of May (after an Aries retrograde cycle ending April 26) and finishes off its Taurus tour in early June.  Sometimes Mercury would give you lots to think about especially if you moved ahead with goals prior to it returning to direct motion.  In many cases, there may be disruptions to plans or slowdowns during its retrograde cycle, but this positioning has to line up with your natal chart,, and for it to have a profound impact Mercury should also be retrograde in your birth chart.  One way or another, Mercury will make you think things through and focus on actions that might have unfolded or on what your next step will be.


Happy solar return to our Taurus readers.  Enjoy your next cycle around the sun.



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