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Remember where you came from, so the saying goes.

We came into this life to grow and experience. Perhaps we understood the purpose of this life at the very beginning and lost that information at birth.

There are so many unanswered questions but being open to all possibilities allows us the ability to learn, grow and understand. When we speak of rags to riches, we are not speaking of financial wealth. We are speaking of gaining valuable information so that our lessons enhance our lives.

Early in life, we knew little compared to what we know to be truth now. In the beginning all we did is question. In adolescence, we hoped to find ourselves. We wanted answers and we questioned why. For some of us, many questions have been answered but not all of them by any means. Perhaps we are not meant to find these answers, perhaps we are not ready to know the answer.

We were taught to live in the present moment and to appreciate life, even when we experience dark moments. We were taught to open our hearts and arms to others, that we are all one, and how expression and life exchanges cause ripple effects. We work to formulate our next step through meditation and mindfulness. We embraced the moment and recognized that our thoughts, focus and beliefs create reality on some level. We have learned that we are the masters of our life and that although life throws curve ball every now and again we can bounce back and after which we are more resilient and knowledgeable.

Through life’s experience we gained important insight and gathered momentum and matured into who we are today is a far cry from who we were even a few years back, never mind in the beginning. We have come from rags to riches. Can you relate?

You have what it takes, and you and you alone made your life a better experience.

Be the one you wish yourself to be. In that search you will realize that you wouldn’t have a clue who that person is unless they were already part of you.

Shake off any mental shackles or concepts that are less than ideal that you hold on toand allow yourself to be that spiritual entity that you have always been.

Do not limit your capabilities through your beliefs. What are you capable of doing?

The answers are endless as are the experiences waiting to happen.

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Through life’s experience we gained important insight and matured into who we are today which is a far cry from who we were even a few years back, never mind in the beginning.
From Rags to Riches


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