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I quote the Beatles “Well, you know, we all want to change the world”. 


Most changes should begin with ourself. Changes stem from the inside and then radiate outward.  You can begin then by changing your personal world. 


What needs to change? 


Begin by taking responsibility in your life (this is not to say that others are not part of the solution or part of the problem). You are the one that can make things happen, so what are you going to do?


We don’t need more violence or destruction to initiate change.  We can do it peacefully through our hearts. We do not need aggression, but we may need assertiveness and action.


Begin with what you need to do on a personal basis. Do not believe that you cannot make a personal positive change. Do not resist making change just because it will not be easy.


Take a close look at yourself (without knowledge, we are ignorant and ignorance breeds complacency). Make changes for the better. You don’t have to be in a hurry. Move slowly or appropriately in a positive direction. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. Speak the truth, but say it with compassion, with conviction and without faltering. 


Take a close look at yourself (without knowledge, we are ignorant and ignorance breeds complacency). Make changes for the better
You say you want a revolution

You are not at the mercy of life although sometimes life seems to dictate.  You can plan your journey but be flexible. Create change that brings you closer to where you need to be.  Fight for the just cause but not with violence.  Use your intelligence and intuition.  Don’t allow your mind to overthink or counteract your goals. Follow what you know is right with compassion but speak up for yourself.  Create an inner growth revolution and get to know your more resilient self.


You say you want a revolution…..take a look inside!



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