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Jupiter Sextile Venus

We will focus on Transiting Jupiter sextile Natal Venus.

Transiting Jupiter moves through each sign in approximately one year therefore taking 12 years to complete a full cycle through the zodiac.

T. Jupiter moves into retrograde (appearing to move in a backward motion) once a year. During its retrograde cycle, it can make aspects to planets or angles up to three times, making these aspects from Jupiter more relevant.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, expansion, growth, and easy flow. Its energies are what we wait for and in many cases good things happen (although when we are having an extended difficult time, it can exaggerate what is already in place). E.g. If someone were to have terminal health conditions, Jupiter’s energies can influence the situation to end the suffering. Jupiter’s energies are in place to expand situations.

A sextiles aspect indicates opportunities. When Jupiter is in sextile with natal Venus, it can bring good opportunities for a romance to blossom and go to the next level. Perhaps you have been involved in a relationship that seems promising and now you become engaged. Good, easy flow comes your way. Unlike the Trine aspect, however, with the Sextile, you should put energy into the situation for it to go to the next level.

Venus is about love, affection, romance, sex, finances, and social energies. All of these can be part of the conditions in place although much will depend on the area of life involved (determined by the houses involved in your chart). Check where T Jupiter and your N Venus are located, as well as the natal position and natal (aspects) to Jupiter’s place in the birth chart. This will give you further information.

E.g. T Jupiter moving through the seventh house (relationships, marriage partner or business associates) while N Venus is in the fifth house (children, romantic involvement, and the enjoyment of life) while N Jupiter is in the second house. This could refer to a romantic relationship with your partner moving to the next level and affecting your children or the children of your partner. Security is enhanced because of the combined income now being generated.

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Good Luck and expansion opportunities in connection with romance, finance and social energies.
Jupiter Sextile Venus

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