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We continue our look at aspects affecting Sun in Libra readers. See our previous post on Monday for more forecasting

Neptune and Jupiter are both currently (September 2023) in retrograde suggesting that they are not operating to their full potential. Neptune can make things feel unclear while Jupiter can influence you into thinking you could make anything happen. There are many more outlets for these energies, but it is safe to say that when they turn direct (December 2023) things will be clearer, more concise, and you will look at your objectives in a more reasonable light without overexaggerating the potential. The areas of life involved in these equations will be marked by their house positions and the house position of the Sun for those with their Sun in Libra.

The quincunx aspect is a 150° angle between two placements in your chart. You can allow an orb of 5° to see if these placements affect your Sun. A quincunx also known as the inconjunct is a challenging aspect which speaks of adjustments that need to be put in place. Once these adjustments have taken hold, things will flow more smoothly. As time passes you will recognize that the changes were essential to your goals and aspirations.

The Sun represents who we are and is connected to our path in life along with other indicators in the natal chart. The Sun speaks of inner personality and objectives available to us which we can either act upon or pass by. The Sun is our essential self and indicates our mission and who we are in personal terms. Not everyone sees certain Sun sign energies but with Libra, we are seen as someone who is seeking equilibrium, calm and also wanting fairness and justice to prevail. (See our previous post on Sun in Libra characteristics for more details

Sun in quincunx to Neptune often suggests that things are not as clear as they could be although when this placement of Neptune moves into direct motions (in many cases and depending on the rest of the chart), things often clear up. This can relate to relationships, goals, occupation, plans and the general direction of life and in some cases in mystical or religious terms. Again, review the house placements.

Jupiter tends to expand on situations, and growth is often apparent even when it is in retrograde (not as prevalent as when in its direct motion). Jupiter often brings good luck, an ease in obtaining benefits and opportunities to advance. When not operating in optimal ways Jupiter can create feelings that nothing can go wrong. Even when we make mistakes we may feel that we did not do anything wrong, and that things will eventually turn out better. In many cases this is still true but for now make your objectives practical.

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