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When Transiting Pluto squares your midheaven (MC) challenging situations will affect your career options, life status, goals and aspirations and life’s path. This is not an easy time, and you will have to adjust and often to a great degree. Intensity and disruption along with adversity can be expected.

There are no halfway measures about Pluto and in many cases, what takes place is out of your control. You can fight the process, which in some cases can be beneficial) but, in this case, you may have to go with the flow and recognize these energies over time will move you in the proper direction (although perhaps not in the direction you anticipated).

There can be power strategies and ego disputes and almost always a struggle to gain insight into where life is taking you. There can often be a degree of uncertainty especially when Neptune is involved in the calculation. Worry and concern about your future is often evident because of the uncertainty.

As with all transiting squares, however, the energy is challenging enough that it forces you into action. A resolution is needed, and you will find one if you go deep enough. Sometimes attitude is your greatest enemy.

Your goals in life will likely change and your path will alter, but the outer planets when transiting over parts of your chart are indicators that change is required. Although it may feel like the rug is being pulled out from under your feet, you will find a way to land on your feet with new perspectives and a new path as you move forward into what now seems like the unknown. Faith in the process is vital and although the struggle may be intense, you need to keep your wits about you. Don’t let life get you down and believe that this is for the best, no matter how things might look in the moment.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Take the bull by the horns and adjust when you need to and know that as time progresses you will recover, be in a better position and be wiser when the dust settles.

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Change is inevitable
Pluto Square Midheaven


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