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We are focusing on Transiting Pluto Square Natal Saturn in this post.

For those individuals with Transiting Pluto (which will soon enter Aquarius) squaring their natal Saturn this will be a time of transformation and change in life. Saturn moves through each sign over a period of approximately 2 ½ years. This suggests that those experiencing T Pluto square to their Natal Saturn would have to have their Saturn either in the late degrees Libra or early degrees Scorpio or Natal Saturn in the late degrees of Aries to the early degrees Taurus in their birth charts. Saturn would have been either in Scorpio beginning 1953, 1982, or 2012 or in Taurus beginning 1969 or 1999.

Pluto will be affecting these individuals for approximately 1 to 5 years depending on where their Natal Saturn is located. Much will depend on the houses involved (areas of life) and the natal positioning of Saturn in their charts (challenging or favourable aspects to Saturn).

There are no halfway measures about Pluto as it transits through the birth chart. It brings an end to outdated conditions that no longer serve a purpose and brings to birth something much more suitable to life’s current conditions. There will likely be quite a struggle for those experiencing this square in their charts, as Saturn enjoys what is familiar and does not like change or disruption to the norm. There may be restrictions and delays to the inevitable but over time (and this could take as much as 1-3 or 4 years for things to be understood and accepted) life will transform to a great degree.

Security might be part of the process and perhaps what we have been aiming towards and working diligently to obtain might be what this is about. Life structures will change and if Saturn in the birth chart is poorly aspected this will likely not be a pleasing time. There could be some difficulty moving out of what is comfortable into the new. This may not be clear in the present moment, especially if Neptune is part of the profile somehow.

Pluto will instigate change and often through rather dynamic ways. There may be issues with authority or ego disputes. Control and power issues will likely be part of what unfolds over time. There will be concerns about what this new turn of events will bring but Pluto moves you where you need to go. It opens the door for growth through underlying events or energies that push us in certain directions.

What was stable and secure now needs revamping or completely overhauling. After this timeframe is over, what was in place will no longer be part of the picture moving forward. In most cases, it is best to go with the flow and not to fight what is inevitable. Pluto’s influence is often subtle in the beginning and then as time passes it becomes more informative and ever present. Motivation is part of the process and life will take you to where you need to go.

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With Pluto Square Saturn what was stable and secure now needs revamping or completely overhauling.
Pluto Square Saturn


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