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The Sun moves from the Mutable, Earth sign of Virgo into the Cardinal, Air sign of Libra on September 23, 2023. Those individuals with strong Libra characteristics (planets in Libra or located in the 7th house) have a desire to accomplish and advance their objectives as well as a desire for balance, harmony, fairness and justice.

Librans need peace and harmony in life and go to great measures to accomplish this, not only in their life but also in the lives of those around them. This applies particularly to relationships of significance. “Peace at almost any cost” could be their mantra, and they are known for sitting on the fence when it comes to disputes. Although they have their personal views on what is right, they will sway from one side to the other just to keep the peace.

Relationships are very important to your typical Libran and many feel as though a part of them is missing when there is no meaningful bond. Lessons through connections with others are a big part of their life.

Although they want to maintain the peace as this is very important for them, they don’t mind speaking their mind particularly with their partner. They may point out deficiencies within the relationship that need work and gently say it like it is.

Happy Solar Return to our friendly, social, positive, fair, clever Libra friends.

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