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Sun in Scorpio

On October 23, 2023, the Sun moves from the Cardinal Air sign of Libra into the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio. We will speak primarily to those people with their Sun in Scorpio. On a different level this post can apply to those with their rising sign in Scorpio or for those with planets and/or MC in the sign of Scorpio.

The tendencies we will discuss will primarily have to do with Sun in Scorpio but as the T Sun moves through Scorpio and touches the other influences in the chart, it will have a much lessor impact but still have some affect in the areas of life indicated by the house position and the planetary energies indicated by the planets involved.

The Sun moves one degree per day so its influence in other placements besides the solar return (which speaks of the Sun coming back to its original placement in the natal chart) will only last for approximately 5 days. Its influence will likely be minor unless other planetary placements also enhance these positions.

Those with their Sun in Scorpio are deep and introspective individuals in general. They reflect on life and find meaning along the way by digging deep for the truth. They love the mysteries of life and love to find answers that lie under the surface. They are intense and often quite sensual. Their appetite for learning about the mystical side of life runs deep.

There is something mysterious about the average Scorpio individual and often they keep at least a portion of themselves private or hidden. They often are inclined however to know what goes on deep inside of others. Like Cancer and especially Pisces, they are feeling people and although they use their intellect to dissect life’s matters, they often go by instinct and their intense feelings. Quite often they know without being told. In some cases, this perceptive ability can make others uncomfortable. Scorpio individuals can find others who do not find it necessary to hide any part of themselves quite fascinating.

Scorpio may have a bad reputation for their sexual behaviors or for being sneaky or deceiving. Some Scorpios do have these characteristics, but in general, these latter type Scorpios are less evolved. This personality type is known as the scorpion while those with clear insight and intuitive perception are what is referred to as the eagle. Their insight can be profound, and when they learn to open up and not withhold the knowledge that they gain through life’s experience, they can open the doors for others seeking enlightenment.

Transiting Mercury will influence the transit of the Sun in Scorpio roughly to the end of October, 2023, enhancing the mind and communication techniques. Transiting Mars meets up with the Sun in the final stages of the Sun passing through Scorpio and Saturn will be in opposition to the early degrees of Scorpio, but we will touch on these influences in our next Astrology post.

Happy solar return to our Scorpio readers.

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If you are looking for a stimulating individual, one who will be hard to decipher and one who is interested in uncovering the deeper meanings of life and the undercurrents of the psyche, a Scorpio individual would be the individual you are seeking.
Sun In Scorpio


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