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Are you playing all your (life) cards?

Will you play this round with the best of intensions and with a winning attitude?

Life is not like a card game; however, we do have to play with what we have in front of us. It is better when we understand the process and when to move ahead and when to stand back. As Kenny Rogers sang, “We have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them”. There is a strategy to life, just as there is in a game of cards. It can take time to move ahead and we learn from previous plays or in real terms from previous decisions.

As in a game of cards, life will throw us twists and turns and sometimes we can make things work and other times we just must accept that this is just the way things are. Attitude as mentioned countless times before is a big part in the process and we can fight the inevitable and feel frustrated or we can change our attitude and life then seems more promising.

Some individuals seem to be dealt a winning hand while others have many struggles along their life’s path. Do not compare your journey to others’ journeys. You only know what you see and there is much more to someone’s life than what is on the surface. Focus on your life and ask yourself, “what can I do to make things easier or better” and more importantly “what did I learn from this experience?” There are always lessons. Be ready to learn.

Accept your life in the moment and be open to something favorable coming your way. Formulate an action plan that will build momentum in your favor as you move along. You can expect delays and shortcomings, but you can also expect rewards and benefits you may never had dream of.

We can only play the cards we are dealt. What can you do to make the best of what you have in the moment? Tomorrow is another day; it is always a whole new story.

Remember your perception has a big influence on how you feel. If it is less than ideal, make alterations to your expectation and your focus.

Life might not seem as though it is in your hands but you have full control of your attitude and focus.

You do have a winning hand!

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You have a winning hand
A Winning Hand

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