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On September 29, 2023, we will experience an Aries Full Moon at 6° (First decant).

A full moon is the harvest time of our efforts from seeds plants some six months earlier under the energies of the New Moon in Aries. For those that are affected by this Full Moon, the efforts they expended will be reflected in the fruits of their labor.

The sign Aries is often associated with a new beginning and with this New Moon/Full Moon energies what you initiated is likely something very personal in nature. It may have been something that you started with or without the help of others and it has your personal stamp on it. You may have started a business or initiated something that had been sitting on the backburner. Perhaps you began a love relationship that is now maturing and either moves to the next level or ends.

There are other energies involved. Transiting planets Venus and Uranus are square to one another often indicating some type of change taking hold in the area of relationships or your finances. There must be indicators in your natal chart before this applies to you. If there are, you can expect the unexpected and it might happen in an erratic and unusual manner.

There are no other transiting planetary energies attached to the location of the Full Moon at 6° Aries, but your natal chart might say otherwise.

Aries is about taking the initiative and forging ahead with or without much planning. What you do or how you move forward might be considered by some as ego oriented or self-consuming. Your actions, however, must suit your objectives first and then have their outward expression. There is a degree of “What do I need?” in this Full Moon in Aries and you must come first. It is time to think about what is best for you and how you can go about making changes or following through with whatever will benefit your goals.

The house positioning and aspects from the natal chart to this placement will tell the story and those that are affected by this placement will realize that what they plan and work towards has potential to come to fruition.

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Full Moon in Area is the harvest time of your personal efforts. Reap rewards of your efforts. Holm Astrology
Full Moon in Aries


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