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We have all heard the old saying that the hard lessons are the ones we remember. During the smooth times it seems there are few lessons to learn but why is this so?

Do we just float through the good times without recognizing they are blessings?

Can we learn from our positive experiences or does life have to be challenging for us to recognize our lessons?

If we realize how fortunate we are and appreciate our life’s experience (challenging or not), lessons are still being taught. We know the value of appreciation. We recognize the abundance that flows from these periods and are grateful. This too is a valuable lessons and teaches us to appreciate what life sends our way.

Let’s give the same amount of focus to these easy flow periods as we do to our challenging periods.

In knowing and understanding that the flow of life does change with the amount of focus we give to certain events in our lives, it is important to pay closer attention to what we refer to as “good times”.

Energy grows and focus builds. I believe we have acknowledged a valuable lesson today!

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Life lessons do not have to be hard
There are no regrets in life just lessons

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