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On October 28, 2023, we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse. In the Toronto area it will be a partial eclipse reaching maximum at 6:10 p.m. EST. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins at 2:01 p.m. (not visible in our area) and ends at 6:26 p.m. (which will be close to the horizon in our area).

The Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5° in the sign of Taurus.

All eclipse’s suggest heightened energy and with the Lunar Eclipse, in particular, the energies suggest a time of releasing and endings. It operates like a super-charged Full Moon and will create major changes and the finality of what has been in play for approximately the past 6 months.

Because it is in the sign of Taurus (a fixed, earth sign) it often speaks of material or objective matters. You will need to go slow but be steady in your approach. This is not the time to rush into situations. Be practical and make sure that over-spending is not part of the scenario as you may want to buy expensive things on impulse or spend money when you likely should not.

When these energies are working well, although the Lunar Eclipse is attached to endings of some sort, there is often an advancing stage in the evolution of what is unfolding now in life. The area of life affected by this positioning will depend largely on where Taurus 5° is found in your birth chart (which house) as well as any planets in the natal chart or current transits that are affected by this position.

There is an opposition coming from Mercury and from Mars so in many cases this suggests that others are involved in the equation. Taurus is a very sensual sign and perhaps some interchange with an individual has the potential to unfold or the relationship moves to its next stage. This could include an ending of sorts such as the end of a sexual union, or, perhaps on the other side of the coin, the end of a platonic relationship that morphs into a sexual relationship.

Oppositions are not overly pleasing exchanges, and some friction might be involved. This can be a time of great change but not without some type of hard work or interaction that is not unfolding in your favour. Others may play a clear part in what unfolds. Relationships of all kinds might be part of this.

The energies may take several months to completely unfold, but you will often notice that during the week or two prior and the first month following the eclipse is often the peak time for the experience defined by the positioning within the birth chart.

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Eclipses suggest heightened energy & with the Lunar Eclipse, the energies suggest a time of release. It operates like a super-charged Full Moon & will create major changes related to Taurus energies.
Lunar Eclipse October 2023


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