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On Saturday, October 14, 2023, we will experience a Solar Eclipse at 21° in the sign of Libra.

Anyone with planets or angles within three degrees of this placement in their natal chart, either by conjunction or opposition or to a lesser degree by the other major aspects will be influenced by this eclipse. Check the placement of this eclipse along with the aspects it makes, and the natal configurations attached to this position in your chart. Natal potential will give a clear understanding of the energies in place and their potential in your specific case. Each chart will have different dynamics in place and although the energies of a Solar Eclipse often bring the same conditions into life, the areas of life will differ from person to person.

Solar Eclipses, although quite different from a Lunar Eclipse, often signify the likelihood of some form of stress or in some cases a crisis. With the Solar Eclipse, there is an indication of the initial stages or beginnings where there are opportunities, although we are often hard-pressed because what we feel comfortable with in our life, now has changes in place. These changes can be quite vast and will be defined by the placement of the solar eclipse in the chart. What is now in place (beginning phases of this transformation or alteration) will set the theme for the future, some six months ahead, although many Astrologers believe the influence of these solar energies lasts much longer than six months.

There is a sense of destiny in place often with karmic indictors and in this case related to relationships of significance because of the influence of Libra. As mentioned, this Solar Eclipse is at 21° Libra. This can be a time of balancing and creating harmony in the sphere of relationships. Harmonizing is especially essential, and it is important that we also check the opposite house (Aries) to see which other area of life will be affected. If there are planets in your chart at this position (21 degrees give or take 3 degrees of influence) this placement will also be affected by this event.

E.g. Someone with their Neptune in the tenth house conjoining this placement with the eclipse at close proximity, would have indications of spiritual evolution or psychic indicators that would pertain to the career path or goals and aspirations. Neptune would evoke something connected to the psychic realm or some spiritual offerings. This will also affect the home and family because of the fourth house location in opposition to the tenth house placement of this eclipse. The tenth house alignment would be where this Solar Eclipse makes its mark.

What is the influence in your chart?

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There is a sense of destiny in place often with karmic indictors related to relationships of significance because of the influence of Libra.
Solar Eclipse

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